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Texas TrackMasters is Texas Premiere Track Builder for the motocross community. Racers and Promoters utilize Russ Carey and his equipment to Design and build ArenaCross Tracks, Mx Tracks, and Supercross Tracks through all phases of Construction. Texas TrackMasters has Built MX, SX, and AX for some of the top national Amateurs and Pros.

Call us "Let's Talk Track" 972-824-5600 or ------- E-Mail us at carey465@verizon.net

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Texas Trackmasters is owned by Russ Carey, original owner of Badlands MX Park, and creator of the "Full Moon Series" which is the Largest Amateur Night Racing Series in the South-Central United States .
Trackmasters utilizes many operators in the South-Central United States and have designed, built and/or performed work at most Texas/Oklahoma Tracks including: Village Creek MX, Buffalo Creek MX, Oak Hill MX Park, Greenville MX, Badlands MX, North Forty Cycle Park, Moto City Raceway, Texas Motocross Park, Willow Branch MX, Ascot Park MX, and many others throughout the South Central Region. We have also designed and constructed test tracks for Toyota USA , Kawasaki , Texas Motor Speedway, Samsung Radio Shack Supercross Team, Oklahoma State Series, and numerous Arena venues throughout the country. We have appeared on many nationally broadcasted events and made regular appearances on The Speed Channel’s “Reality of Speed.” Our pride however, is constructing private practice facilities for all riders from beginner to Pro Level Supercross Licensed riders so that we may “provide an investment” for the growth of our great sport. A Trackmasters designed practice track is the best investment you as a rider or as the parent of a “future pro” can make due to the most efficient pricing structure in the industry. We have completed over 350 private tracks and provide as-needed periodical upkeep for almost all of them.

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We own and transport our equipment which keeps costs low, but can obtain equipment nationwide and are not limited to any one "brand" of equipment. Depending on the location of the project, we will analyze whether mobilizing our equipment or using a local equipment provider may save costs.   We always provide our own transportation and lodging within 150 miles of Sherman, Texas.  On jobs outside of this range, we will utilize one of our many discounted travel options to pass on savings to our customers. 

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We also provide a “Facility Site Analysis” for those customers who are serious about providing the best facility their terrain has to offer.  We can assist the track owner in all aspects of motocross facility design and construction. Services include track and defined spectator area layout, starting gate placement/installation, reservoir management, irrigation, drainage, permanent fencing, building of required structures, etc.  For obvious reasons we must require a fee and a deposit to perform the Facility Site Analysis, but we will refund (or apply) all but travel related fees should you choose to employ Texas Trackmasters for your project.  In other words free.  If needed, we can provide estimates for smaller tracks, but must require a deposit for doing such.  We prefer to work by the hour on all jobs to insure that we are making the best of both your time and ours.

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Additionally, we provide ongoing assistance to our customers including race day staffing, track preparation and maintenance, employee training, and competitively priced event awards through Award One.  We provide unlimited telephone assistance to our existing clients and pride ourselves on a successful facility.  To date, not one of our facilities has ever failed.

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